Finally removed the last 2 Netware based OES servers from our network ..
one fileserver thats been with us since the 1990's and always had its 'soul' transferred to new hardware over the years without complaining.. the other a server that we just still had running because it could make backups of the other Netware server.

Spent the 1st 30 minutes after downing the last one glaring at ndstrace and the help-desk phone lines half expecting the whole network to collapse but things seem to hold.. Now the waiting starts to see which obscure app was using that old server for ldap services or forgotten workstation with important-program-X-that-is-only-used-once-a-year-yet-only-launched-5-minutes-before-a-deadline that is still using the dscat that was running on there as well.

But its still the end of an era for us, now to see how OES2/11 holds up without Netware holding its hand :-)

Lots of cleanup to do as well with old eDir objects that nobody knew what they were for so they were just left there over the years in fear of breaking something random. Radius profiles, NW5.0 license files etc etc.