We have been using the Groupwise and Mobility connectors for several months with iPads and iPhones without a hitch. We recently had to take down the server that was being used as the LDAP server in the Mobility settings screen and migrate it to another virtual host, which required about 10 hours of downtime. In order to anticipate this change, we changed the LDAP server setting in Mobility to another existing LDAP server. However, we were immediately met with prompts to re-enter our Exchange passwords on our devices, even after restarting the mobility and groupwise services, as well as rebooting the mobility server. Re-entering our credentials on the devices did nothing - it was as if the credentials were incorrect. We were able to login successfully to the Mobility web interface, so LDAP was indeed working off of the new server - but for some reason, our devices would not. The problem remained until we were able to swap the LDAP server back to the original server after it was brought back online.

Any ideas on how to remedy this issue? We are planning on migrating LDAP off of the current server eventually - so we'll need to figure out why the devices would never work with the new LDAP server. Thanks in advance.