Hi all,

we are attempting to transfer Windows XP machines from an "old" zone into a "new" zone (which currently only has Windows 7 clients) - the current Windows XP zone is at ZCM 11.2, and Zenworks login (i.e. user authentication to our user source) works fine here (for 11.2 and 10.3 clients). The new zone is 11.2.1 and the existing Windows 7 clients can authentication fine (11.2.1 and 10.3.1 clients)

If I transfer an XP machine into the new zone using

zenworksuninstall -C -z oldzonename -s https://oldZoneServer.novell.comort -u Administrator -p password -S https://newZoneServer.novell.comort -U Administrator -P password -q

it transfers fine, but the user is logged out during the process. If I attempt to login (right-click the zenworks tray icon > Login) I get this error

"Unable to log into the network because the login credentials are incorrect"

If at this point I upgrade the Windows XP 11.2 client to 11.2.1 (using system update) and reboot, I still get the same problem

Any ideas?