Have installed a new SLES10 server as a new ZEN7SP1 Middle Tier only-server
I can login and view all of the webb-stuff using /oneNet/nsadmin, /oneNet/xtier-stats, /oneNet/xtier-login and the /oneNet/zen
I can also register workstations from XP clients not using the Novell Client, only the Zfd-agent
But we are not able to login through the Zenworks-login
If I look in the naldiag the tree states Disconnected and the the Workstation helper is NOT connected as...

The proxyuser used for Middle Tier has all required rights, have also disabled Require TLS... on the LDAP group object for the MT-server who also holds a R/W-replica of the partition containing the users and workstations.

We got LDAP context-less login up and running for clients with the Novell client so LDAP should be working also for Middle Tier

The WM-log on the clients shows the following errors
SetDomainCredentials Failed
WMAuthenticate Failed
Authentication failed, incrementing failed counter

Any suggestions....