We are running GW 8 SP 3 on a Windows 2008 server. The home dirs for the student accounts are on a SUSE 10 OES 2 server with an NSS volume. When i set the archive folder, eiither for the entire post Office or inside the GW client for an invidual account. I get the following error message.

GroupWise Error [8200]

GroupWise cannot open the post office files. For a solution,your system administartor can look on the error code in the GroupWise Documentation: Trouble shooting Guide.

The students have been assigned 200 MB of space for their home dirs. we are able to create the archive with no problem on the C:\ dirve of the workstation. If we increase the space quota for one of the student accounts to approx 1 GB we are able to create a GW folder on the H:\ drive but still have problems accessing\working with it.

The PCs are running Windows 7. When we look at the availlable space on the H:\ drive, in Windows Explorer, we can see that only 138 MB of 1 TB has been used. However the student only has 200 MB assigned to their account not the 1 TB. That is the total amount of space for the entire volume.