Old system was GW 7.x on NetWare 6.5 servers.
New system is GW 8.0.2HP2 on Windows 2008 servers.

We moved to new hardware, etc. when we upgraded to GW 8. It's time to turn off the old GWIA but I find that many people have saved addresses (I assume mostly in Frequent Contacts) that route messages through our old GWIA. Doing a grep search of the old GWIA logs on the term "sender" is how I know this is still how these messages are flowing.

Anyway, for example, there is a user that sends messages to his VP and that VP's address shows to be "Firstname Lastname ("flast@etmc.org.GWIA.TY-DOM2@etmc.org) in the properties of the message. With the old GWIA off messages to this address remain in Pending status. Turn the old GWIA back on and the message goes on through.

Does the GWCheck PABFix option correct these stored addresses in personal address books, or is there another way, or any way at all?