Is there a way to "move" the serial number of a device to a different device? The reason I want to do this is to replace satellite servers without having to specify the content items again.

For example I have a current satellite with hostname SAT1 and it has guid 1ea755af5c5ef64f94cb1bd7df157099 and serial number 77K6FQ1 (which is the serial detected on motherboard). This satellite is powered down and removed from the network. Its replacement is currently named PC1 and it registered to the zone as just a PC, not promoted to a satellite yet. The replacement has guid b054d393b9fe5e458ad5f9dca712f334 and serial 12S2LN1. The replacement is powered up and reregistered with "zac rereg 1ea755af5c5ef64f94cb1bd7df157099", then the hostname is changed to SAT1 and rebooted. The replacement takes over the satellite roll and doing a content verify downloads all the content the previous satellite had.

The issue is the new satellite retains the serial number of the previous satellite even though the inventory info has the correct serial of 12S2LN1.

If there is a better way to do this I would like to know.