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Thread: Object doesn't exist. It is deleted by some other user.

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    Object doesn't exist. It is deleted by some other user.

    I work for a large college who are experiencing huge problems with their zenworks.

    The technicians on our site have just installed Windows 7 on most of the PCs across our site and then realised that our customers didn't recieve the software they had on XP.
    It turns out when we log into Zen and look at any bundle it appears with the following error message: Object doesn't exist. It is deleted by some other user.
    No version number appears on the bundle and I can't view or add any actions.

    A support call has been logged with the company who installed our Zenworks environment but their responses are slow, plus I'm not convinced they are looking in the right place.

    We have 1 ZCM DB Server and 5 Primary Zen servers.

    My supervisor has reported that the problem is with the Primary zen servers and sent them the logs for each one.
    I believe that the problem resides with the ZCM DB.
    Surely version information for a bundle is held within the SQL tables on the DB along with information on the actions. I would have thought that the primary zen servers would only hold the MSI, directory and any other files that were uploaded during the creation of the bundle.

    Any opinions on this? Your view would be greatly appreciated.

    I honestly believe we need to restore which ever table holds the bundle information to a previous date.
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