Here is a brief report of an issue we experienced when installing the (beta) agent for Windows 8. Currently, the new OSTargets update added to the server added support for Windows 8 Professional x86 and x86_64, which is fine because the Release Preview build of Windows 8 is based on Windows 8 Professional. We found, however, that since I had added a feature that added Windows Media Center to my computer (due to a new way that Microsoft is making some features available in Windows 8) the version of my OS was no longer Windows 8 Professional, but Windows 8 ProfessionalWMC or Windows 8 Professional with Media Center.

Everything else was the same, but since the name or editionID was different, it was not a supported OS. I found the cached copy of the OSTargets.xml file on my computer that the agent caches when you go to register your device, and in that I saw that the line labeled “detect” showed Windows 8 Professional or Windows 8 Release Preview, but since mine was different (because of the extra words) it failed. I was able to modify that cached copy of OSTargets.xml to detect “Windows 8” (and just that) which then allowed my device to register. We installed the Windows 8 agent on two other computers running Windows 8, but they did not have Media Center added and registered fine with no hacking of the OSTargets.xml file.

I was curious as to where the PreAgent reads information from the computer to determine the OS type to compare to OSTargets.xml. Also, it seems that some of the information that it retrieves once registered does not show up correctly, specifically the OS information that ZEN pulls.