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Thread: LDAP sync is disabling all LDAP user accounts

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    LDAP sync is disabling all LDAP user accounts

    Hi everyone,

    I currently have Vibe 3.3 installed and I'm having some trouble with LDAP configuration. When LDAP syncs it disables certain user accounts. The exact situation that occurs is as follows:
    • LDAP syncs, no problems (although it doesn't add any users not registered in Vibe, but that's a different issue)
    • Logout of admin, Login as an LDAP user
    • LDAP syncs again, and modifies user that just logged in (adding them to list of disabled accounts)
    • The LDAP user is no longer able to login

    Here is some info on my setup and LDAP configuration in Vibe:
    • I am using OpenLdap2
    • I have the User DN blank, since I just have anonymous binds.
    • Currently I have 'LDAP attribute that uniquely identifies a user or group' blank (sometimes I have changed it to dn as that is the only unique attribute)
    • I have a base DN for users and groups (which is correctly set as far as I know)
    • Synchronize User Profiles and Register LDAP User Profiles Automatically are checked
    • Synchronize Group Profiles, Register LDAP Group Profiles Automatically, and Synchronize Group Membership are checked
    • Allow Login for Local User Accounts is checked (Will this prevent the admin from logging in if unchecked?)

    I could really use some help here, I have been struggling with this for days now. Thank you to anyone who replies.
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