The issue is that in some cases attachment file modification are not saved and forwarded to the next recipient when using the routing slip feature.

Here is the scenario:
A user sends an excel document as an attachment and routes to several users via the groupwise routing slip feature.

The normal and successful work flow is this:
Next user in the route recieve the email.
Opens the document (in excel) and makes some changes in the document.
They select save (not save as).
Then then click the "completed" check box to continue the routing.
The next user will receive the email and attachment and the changes will be included.

The issue is that in many cases (about 50% of the time) the attachement edits will not stick and are not included for the subsequent recipients.

I have done some experimentation and it appears to be related to how the groupwise client handles temporary files.
It looks like there are two different folders used - my documents\groupwise and user\local settings\temp\xpgrwise.

When it works it appears that "edits" are saved in the temporary files folder and then "re-attached" to the routed email.
And the temp files are deleted when the email is closed.

In the failed scenario the attachment file does not get deleted from the temporary folder (and edits are not forwarded).

It appears to me that there may be another "unknown" temp file folder someplace that is being referenced and causing the issue.

We are using groupwise 8 client by the way and I think the issue started after the version 8 upgrade.

Has anyone else experienced and/or resolved this.
Any help would be much appreciated.