OES 11 with NSS volumes. Just ran into an issue where two volumes had
free space taken up by purgeable files. On Windows XP running the
Novell Client, everything looked ok. On Windows 7 running the Novell
Client, the volumes appeared to be full. NSSMU at the server console
showed no available space. Purging the smaller volume fixed the
problem, so I am currently purging the larger one.

Is this a known issue? Any fixes? When I was running NSS on Netware,
I used TaskMaster to regularly purge my volumes. TaskMaster had an
option to purge files that were older than a specified number of days.
Is there a way to do that on OES? The ability to Salvage is one of
the great things about NSS, but I don't want to run into issues with
unpurged files. Suggestions?