I have previously applied the 10.3.1 agent update and now I find I need to apply it to a few more machines and it is no longer available in my zcc.
Searching for new updates does not show it. If I put the zip file on the server and do a zman sui ZCM....zip I am still not seeing it.

I want to update these machine as the previous upgrade to ZCM11.2 failed listing 80 or so devices still on 10.2 agent.
I understand I should still be able to continue with the server upgrade and these old agents should not cause the server upgrade to fail, however they will not be able to
talk to the server after the upgrade.

How important is it to upgrade these devices that sill have the old agent, given the other 6000 have 10.3.1
I have a static group of these 80 machine which I want to apply the update to..