We installed ZEN 11 SP2 at our primary servers but it is still in de pending status (awaiting reboot). ("configuration","System updates", "Deploying System Updates")
After the installation one server did not reboot automaticly and a normal reboot/shutdown did not work zo we had to power of the server.
We rebooted the server and het came in this state, also a new (now normal) reboot did not change the status.
At the other 2 servers we choose the manual reboot and that went well.

There are no errors in the System-update log or the ZENworks_Upgrade_22_aug_2012_09.28.27.log.xml file.
System Update log ended withe these lines:
DEBUG;;;The service(s)/process(es) [Novell ZENworks Services Monitor] will not be started since a reboot is pending.
DEBUG;;;Will skip running the command 'Novell ZENworks Services Monitor' as we are running from Upgrade Installer
DEBUG;;;No Update watchers are running...will control reboot from the updater

At the tab "Configuration" , Server Hierarchy, it says version 11.2 for this server (after a reboot)

How can we get the servers in a "succesfull" update state?

It seems we now also can't update tot 11.2.1 this update keeps in the state "Update assigned"
(did it at the correct way with manual import and check with SUCommandValidator.)