Server was version 11.1, everything worked as it should. We install
sled+agent on a ws, it registers and when we have the object in zcc we
image it to win7. Because image safe data doesn't change, the ws "knows"
which is its object, although the os has changed.

Upgraded the server to 11.2.1 - sled still registers the ws (now with
agent 11.2.1), but after imaging to win7 it's as if the ws isn't
registered properly.
In the client agent's properties the server is unknown, the os is
unknown and as a result, the policies don't apply.

We reverted to agent 11.1 in win7, but it didn't change the outcome.
If we run a manual 'zac reg -g' it does repair the registration, but we
prefer not to.

Any ideas?