This is a 11.2 system using a win7 satellite in one subnet and the primary (sles 11 sp 1) in another subnet. I can ping the primary from the satellite but using manual imaging I receive an invalid license message from primary. Examining the pbsrv log I can see that the satellite cannot make a connection using port 443. So I attempted to edit the pbsrv.conf file on the satellite so that it will communicate using port 80. I restart the pbsrv service on the satellite, attempt to image from an win xp wrkst and the pbsrv log still shows that satellite cannot connect to port 443, no mention of port 80. I attempted to do this from a couple of different workstations to image but all return invalid license due to not connecting to the primary.

Suggestions, please, need to get 20 dell opti 780 imaged from win xp to win 7. I have successful done this when primary and satellite were in the same subnet, but had to change location. Also, I should say that if I connect to the primary directly, not use the satellite I can image, but the primary has a bad image on it (didn't use sysprep prior to creation).