This may or may not be a ZCM imaging issue but here goes.....

I have a generic image created on a PC with one NIC (using DHCP) which I
use for all my workstations. When I use this image on a PC/Laptop with 2
NICs the second NIC is set to get its IP address from DHCP but has a
single static entry for DNS servers which causes problems when my users
take their laptops away (DNS doesn't work). If I use this image on a PC
with 3 NICs then the first and third are full DHCP and the second has
static DNS. The image was sysprep-ed prior to being taken and ZIS data
was also cleared and works flawlessly apart from this

I know that now I'm aware of this I can reset this setting manually or
script it to be changed as part of the post-imaging work but I'd like to
find out where it's coming from

Thanks in advance