Good morning,

Multiple attempts to search the forums didn't turn up anything, so I'll describe my problem and see if anyone has any ideas. We're running Netware 6.5 SP8 with iPrint fully patched and the iPrint 5.82 client on Windows 7 workstations. We use this to manage our Student Printing environment, as well as push out driver updates to our students. For the first time, I had a student come in with Windows 7, with Korean set as his default language.

We downloaded and installed the iPrint client on his laptop, installed printers, and the iPrint client Passwords tab shows his user account and cached password. So, the server seems to authenticate him, since he wouldn't otherwise be able to download and install the printers.

However, here's where it gets weird: any time he tries to print anything, the job is immediately cancelled. If we have the iPrint Document Status window open, we can see the print job pop up, and it is immediately changed to a status of cancelled. I've not seen this happen on older Windows XP computers with iPrint where the computer has multiple language support installed.

Is this a server side issue, or is this a language issue on the Windows 7 laptop? Any additional ideas on what might cause this would be appreciated. My thanks in advance for any suggestions.

John A. Resotko

Assistant Director, Systems Administration and Support
Michigan State University College of Law