restarted the datasync server this morning, and then devices could no
longer connect. Tried to login to the web interface, it takes the
username and password - I click the login button, it says success, then
waits about a minute and stops with the following error:
Illegal Server Error
An error has occurred and your request could not be completed.

The application error response is:
URLError - connection refused. Please check the following items for
Verify that the ConfigEngine is running.
Try restarting the Webadmin
If the error persists, contact your system administrator
I have restarted datasync and postgre, but get the same error

About a month ago we updated all the certs in the eDir tree and I'm
wondering if this is causing an issue. The SLES server is not in eDir
and I don't remember placing a cert on the SLES server for the LDAP auth
to eDir, but I just can't remember now.

Any ideas?