We have two servers Suse Linux 11.1 64/OES11 with services GroupWise 8.0.2, (POA, MTA and GWIA), we have two post offices, one with 300 and another with 500 users.
When this service was running GroupWise on Netware 6.5, worked perfectly. After migrating to Suse Linux / OES, got a problem with the POA agents, stopping several times a week.
Initially imagined it could be the version of linux suse 10.4 with OES2.3, did a fresh install on two new servers with 11.1 suse linux 64 and OES11, but the problem remains unsolved.
Anyone know if Novell has already found the solution for this problem, because I have a friend with the same problem in your company and is using the GroupWise 2012.