I'm wanting to compare the directory list of one directory with another. I'm using this command:
diff -q /email/CC-PO1 /email_arc/Restore/CC-PO1
but getting this result:

Only in /email/CC-PO1: 0816CHK.LOG
Only in /email_arc/restore/CC-PO1: 0816chk.log

Only in /email/CC-PO1: 0817CHK.LOG
Only in /email_arc/restore/CC-PO1: 0817chk.log

Only in /email/CC-PO1: 0818CHK.LOG
Only in /email_arc/restore/CC-PO1: 0818chk.log
for each file, it's saying it's only in one directory, but then says the same thing for the other directory, so clearly, the file exists in both directories, thus, I should see the file at all - at least that's how I understand it. I want to find files that exist in one directory but not the other.