I try migrate Apps from my ZfD 7 Linux server to ZCM 11.2 primary linux server. Some information I migrate with "Zenworks configuration management Migration Utility" succesfully, but files (*.fil) can't. Files downloaded into temp directory of local machine (windows Xp pro) through migration process, but uploading to destination crash. I use port 80 and SSL settings, on target server is no firewall.
Utility version is

Can you help me ?

Migrating cn=MDAC 28 SP1,ou=Agenda,ou=APPLICATIONS,o=mzs to /~bundles~/APPLICATIONS/Agenda/MDAC 28 SP1
Migrating from MZS tree to MZS-ZONE zone
Successfully created initial bundle: MDAC 28 SP1
Adding Launch Actions to bundle...
Adding Launch Actions to bundle...
Adding Install Actions to bundle...
Removed directory and all its contents: C:\Temp\b07f5232f36a4db8af867b8240a7fb04\
Copied Q:\snapshot\MDAC28SP1\1.fil --> C:\Temp\b07f5232f36a4db8af867b8240a7fb04\1.fil
UploadFile threw exception: Nadřízené připojení bylo uzavřeno: Došlo k neočekávané chybě při odeslání.
Upload failed while uploading the file : C:\Temp\b07f5232f36a4db8af867b8240a7fb04\1.fil
Ensure that you have specified the correct file upload http port while logging in to the zone. You had specified the port as 80 and use SSL to True.