11.2.1 on SLES w/ Win7 Ent SP1 64-bit devices.

editing two windows gp policies re: 'computer > windows settings > local
policies > security options > uac: behaviour of the elevation prompt for
standard users' -- change the setting in policy_a and apply as sandbox
then 'Configure...' policy_b, and the change made for policy_a is listed.

i noted i still had v11.2.0.16054 of the gp helper, so i renamed
%appdata%\Novell\ZENworks\Policies and reinstalled the helper
(v11.2.1.6391). same behaviour. i then updated the agent on the pc to
11.2.1. same behaviour.

initial concern was that policy settings were getting mixed up/deployed
to the incorrect devices, but that doesn't appear to be the case at the
moment. still concerning tho because it seems something is being
cached/shared during the policy edit that makes it confusing to know
which settings i'm committing to a sandbox and ultimately a published