"Clipper Application under Windows 7 Workstation, running Novell Client for Windows 7 performing Slow in Indexing / Accessing Dbf files from the Novell Server Netware 5"

Dear Group:

My Clipper Applications runs on a network. The EXE is located in each client's system and executed from there. The Dbf files are located on a shared drive of a Novell Server. The setup is:

Client side (20-25 users): Have Windows XP and Windows 98(a couple of them...) systems.

Server: Novell Server Netware5 running on Pentium PIII (yes PIII). This version of Novell Server perhaps won't run on modern configurations.

Network: All systems connected to the novell server netware5 via LAN setup.

The Issue:
There's no issue with the WinXP workstations, but the new WIN7 WORKSTATIONS having Novell Client 2 SP1 are performing very slow while accessing dbfs and index files from the Novell Server Netware 5.

I had a go for "Windows HotFix" solution as provided by the Novell:

Support | Slow performance when browsing directories and copying files residing on a server

I did all the things as mentioned in the above link. But for me the STATUS remains same .."SLOW ACCESS".

The same setup runs fine under WinXP/Win98 workstations. If this issue can be resolved, then more Win7 workstations could be introduced in our Novell Network setup.

I've been re-directed here by a member of Google's group comp.lang.clipper. Hope I'm on the right place to request for a solution to this issue. Please note as per the discussion I had on the Clipper forum, one of the member is facing same issue even with the higher ver. SP2 , i.e. Novell Client 2 SP2.

Thanks & Regards,
Swapan Das