Hi. I have a weird issue here that is confounding me. (ZCM11.2.1)
I am testing ENGL for imaging, and I'm building some addon-images for Office2010 installation. I've created the bundle, and created the image from that bundle.
I PXE boot the machine into imaging, the base image (Win7SP1Pro_x64) comes down fine. When I try and restore the addon image, it sits for 30 seconds, (seems says it can't find the image), and then gives me the error "Could not find an installed ZENWorks agent". There is no agent installed, as this is a clean image, the agent is installed as part of the 'first boot' process. And I don't know why an image would require an installed agent anyway.

I have tried renaming the addon-image to make sure I haven't typo'd it, I can open the image in Image Explorer, and nothing looks out of the ordinary.
Has anyone seen this before?