Part of my image process is to run a series of Windows Updates using Microsofts Windows Updates website or desktop utility. I have noticed that after those utilities are ran and MS shows now new updates that ZPM still shows a ton of patches still needed for the computer. Is there a reason that the two differ so much? I can run the .Net updates and MS shows them updated yet ZPM will show the patches still need to be deployed, as an example.

If ZPM looks at the patches differently what is the best way to force deploy patches to computers that have been imaged for the first time? My Understanding is Baseline options were never intended to be used in this manner. Do I just set up a series of Monthly Patches and then force them to all non-patched computers?

I have also noticed that some computers never patch even through ZPM. Is there a different location for ZPM cache that needs to be deleted if an error has occured?

thanks for the information.