We use iPrint to manage our student printing. I have a student who has an Epson 835 MFP at home that she connects to wirelessly. After installing iPrint for use at the College, she goes home and finds she can't print to her home Epson anymore. The Epson software says it is connected to the printer, and she can see ink levels, paper, etc. However, when she prints, the job just sits in the queue. If she reboots her Win7 machine, any jobs in the queue go to the printer, but as soon as the iPrint client loads, all printing to the Epson stops.

My guess is that both software are trying to take exclusive control of the Windows 7 print spooler but for some reason, iPrint is winning that battle. Does anyone know of a way around this? Is there a fix? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

John Resotko
Assistant Director, Systems Administration and Support
Michigan State University College of Law