Hi all,
Just want to bounce this past you.
I'm in the process of building images for our fleet of Win7 devices. We have ZCM 11.2.1, and ENGL.
For our desktop fleet, it's relatively simple, I want 2 partitions (C:, D:) and will use PXE for boot stuff.
For our laptops, I'm looking at self re-imaging, and was hoping to leverage the ZCM partition to do this.

However, if I go with the standard way of doing things, the partitioning on the 2 devices will be different. For example..
Desktop: /dev/sda1* (C:), /dev/sda2 (D:)
Laptop: /dev/sda1* (ZCMPreboot), /dev/sda2 (C:), /dev/sda3 (D:) /dev/sda4 (the zmg of the C: for recovery).

My question is, do zmg files reference partition numbers (I assume they would since they are in the Linux realm), and does this mean I'd need 2 separate setups for laptop and desktop, since C: is on a different numbered partition?

My other option is to setup the laptop like this:
Laptop: /dev/sda1(C:), /dev/sda2 (D:), /dev/sda3* (ZCM Preboot), /dev/sda4 (the zmg of the C: for recovery).
This way the fleet has a common /dev/sda1(C:) for dropping addon images to both.
Is this possible/workable? If so, how would I setup the ZCMPreboot partition on /dev/sda3?

Any ideas welcome.