Backend SLES 10 SP3
ZCM 10.3.4
Clients XP and Win 7

I have been using add-on imaging for some years - but always created them with Image Explorer.

Started playing with bundle-created add-ons. But I cant really figure out how and when they are processed by the agent.

An example:
I have a bundle which only action is to install the Office2010 sourcefiles to C:\sources\mso2010. This bundle work fine when launched from ZENworks Application Window. It takes the ZENworks agent about 4-5 min to download the files from the ZENworks backend. When using an add-on image file it only takes 1 minute to download the files (during imaging)

From ZCC I have created the addon file for testing. The system creates the add-on and place it in content-repo/images/addon-files. I can restore the addon from the imaging menu after Booting up into Imaging Maintenance Mode and execute:
img -rp app-MSOffice-2010-DAN-ENU-SourceFiles-2b6aee4a7b34aa733bb90bf672bbc0cb-0001.zmg
This works perfect and I notice that the files get downloaded to a folder in C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\work\addons

When I log back into Windows and launch my bundle it still takes 4-5 minutes to download the files from the backend. I thought that the agent would be smart use the files from C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\work\addons but it seems that it downloads all the files from the backend, and completely ignoring the files from the addon.

Am I missing somthing?