We have a problem on the GroupWise system:

I need to create a user with the same object ID as the current post office.
The Post Office is called "DCB", and now I have to create a user (or external entity) with Object ID "DCB" (and mail address dcb@domain.dk)

When I try to do this, I get the error "The specified GrpoupWise object already exists: DCB"
I have also tried to specify "dcb" as a nickname to another user, but same result.

Is there a way I can have a user with the same ID as the Post Office?
If not, is it possible to rename the Post Office?

It is a simple setup with only one domain and one post office.

GW is 2012 on Windows 2003.

Jens Jakob Sørensen
Dansk Centralbibliotek for Sydslesvig