Ok, so I think that I follow that all calendars in Groupwise are merged onto a single Calendar on the mobile device. This is working as designed. Is there plans to change this? My staff would like access to their shared calendars so that they can update events on only one sub calendar and have it show up for those the calendar is shared with.

Without being able to do this events go onto the main Calendar only, which means that they can see all Calendar events and put events on their own main Calendar but not edit sub calendars.

Are there plans for changing this in future versions? My staff are certain to want that. They really like DataSync Mobility as a start but are really hoping that it will become more robust quickly. Otherwise, they end up messing with proxy access for multiple users and teaming their main calendars which removes some of the versatility of the Groupwise calendar system. When everyone uses just their main calendar it gets cluttered.

Perhaps, I'm totally off base? Is there a way to post an event to a specific sub calendar using an Activesync client like on iOS or Android?