I'm running a fresh install of zenworks 11.2 on SELS 11 64 bit.
A bit of back ground. I have a machine policy in place that pretty much makes the machine unusable. Then I have a user policy that reverses much of the machine policy. I've been seeing many of my Windows 7 SP1 64 bit machines look like the user policy looses its effectiveness and reverts back to the machine policy. This seems to be random. Doesn't happen to everyone. Happens to some people frequently. I've looked over the log and haven't found to much in common. I did see this but on my test machines that did it this message didn't come up when the policy went away. on 1 that i knew the time i saw no messages in the log at all. early i did see this message though

[ WARN] [08/30/2012 07:50:20.542] [1984] [ZenworksWindowsService] [34] [] [ZESMEnterprisePolicySettings] [ZESMPolicyHandler.ZESMCORE_COMM_FAILED] [Unable to communicate with ZESService. Please make sure that ZES Service is running.] [Status returned Non-Zero value from ZESM Core function : "StartZESMPolicies[[Zone]]".] []
[DEBUG] [08/30/2012 07:50:20.542] [1984] [ZenworksWindowsService] [34] [] [ZESMEnterprisePolicySettings] [] [Applcaiton Exception occured while Communicating Enterprise Policies to ZESZID : Error in communcating with ZESZID : START function returned : 5] [] []

i've also been seeing this warning

[DEBUG] [08/30/2012 07:58:36.473] [748] [ZenWindowsDaemon] [13] [] [DeviceGuid] [] [Irrecoverable error!!! Error in creating Device Session.] [] []

Any insight or suggestions would be much appreciated.