We've been GW and BES for many, many years now. Blackberry's just worked, but were single focus devices solely for business use. I installed our corporate sync server late 2011 and users flocked to it. We have around 50 or 60 devices on it now and I get about 3 or 4 calls consistently per month with users saying they are missing appointments on their devices. We are on version 1.2.3 build 882 and only allow iOS devices at this time to try to make the transition from BES to Sync as easy as possible for myself and our IT department.

We have 4 engineers here using iPhones exclusively including myself. None of us ever see the same issues we get from our end users, but we do not have the same amount of calendaring volume going on. Most of them are upper management that spend 90% of their time going from one meeting to the next and have an assistant that schedules everything, adding and deleting appointments, changing times, etc.

We never got these calls when they were all on Blackberry's. Now these 3 or 4 per month I get are agrivating because there's nothing I can do except listen to their grievances and try to reassure them that the system is working as designed. I would say 40% of them have now lost faith in the system because they've missed one or more important meetings because it was not on their phone calendar.

A couple of these over the past 8 to 10 months since we've been on this system, I've been able to recreate, and found a fix with a newer version of sync server, or helped the user with a different method to do what they wanted to do. For the most part, these calls I cannot help them with. In my opinion, I think it's user error. They now have a smart device that's linked to their corporate email and calendar, and now have personal Gmail and Yahoo accounts linked with those calendars as well. There's a lot more going on now on their phones and in my opinion I think they get confused on which calendar they are using. We've had several times where items were missing off their phones and our desktop staff goes out and shows them that they were only viewing their personal Gmail calendar instead of their corporate calendar.

Does anyone else have these issues? I really miss the simplicity of the Blackberry devices and how well they worked.