We've been a BES shop for many years. I guess Nextel is going away and our maintenance guys use direct connect functionality all day long. They wanted to try this new Motorola Admiral android phone that gives them direct connect capability over Sprint network. When using BES, we created another field in everyone's synched address book in their GroupWise client (PIM SYNC on BES), called BBDCID. We could put in the direct connect ID in GroupWise client, and it would sync with the contact on the Blackberry device. You could click on the contact and hit the "pickle" button and it would use that BBDCID to direct connect to that contact.

I was able to hook this Motorola Admiral to our data sync server without issue. Contacts come over, but not the BBDCID field. These guys have 50 to 100 direct connect ID's in their blackberry's. When you manually put the direct connect ID in the direct connect field on the phone, it doesn't sync anywhere in the GW address book and actually disappears off the phone after a short time.

Has anyone worked with one of these phones yet? Seems like there might be others going through the same issue since Nextel iDen network is going away.