We have an nss volume that is stored on an iscsi SAN that a netware server uses. This volume is replicated to another san every night. This issue is when we clone one of the replicas on the san and then mount that volume on another san, edirectory still thinks that the volume belongs to the original server that had it.

I'll explain it another way here:
Server A has volume1 that is run directly from the SAN
The SAN makes replicas of this volume1
Cloning one of these replicas and mounting it on another server works for browsing the files from a workstation but the volumes do not appear in edirectory.
When using alt-F8 in nssmu to update nds it tells me that the volume1 exists on Server A in the same context and asks if I want to remove it and add it again.

I'm thinking that its referencing the object id stored somewhere in the volume/pool and I don't know how to get it to update itself as a new volume on another server. I would assume the same problem would occur if you used disk cloning software and made an exact copy of a drive that consisted of one volume and then mounted that drive in another server.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this and tell me if there is a way around this.

Also the volume in this case contains 4 groupwise post offices, we are trying to use this as a quick email recovery method.