I have a SLES10sp4OESsp3 setup running iprint.

A issue is occuring with a HP CP2025 in which if you print say half a dozen pictures from a win7 client using Windows Photo Viewer, after 1 or 2 printouts it starts to say on the printers LCD a Print Failue press OK to continue and the cycle repeats with maybe spitting out another 1 and then the same error.

Usually before this occurrs the printed picture is half good and the rest one colour.

I have performed a firware update on the printer only to cause it to start having 49error issues but this was fixed with using UPD PCL6 v5.5 but the above issues still persists.

This issue is not occurring on a 2003 MS server printing to the same printer and using the same printer drivers.
The printer is setup via LPR port and defaults.

Has anybody come across this before or could provided a suggestion.