one bundle drive me nuts and i need some help.


- ZCM 11.2.1
- Windows XP Workstation with DLU non Admin User and non Windows AD Domain
- OES2SP3 NSS Volume

We try to build a bundle who has to be installed with local Windows Adminrigth wich register some dll's shared on a NSS Volume.

So i create a Windows Bundle with this properties

Install Action
Command Line: \\Cluster02-zen-server\ZEN\Install\3MHIS\KODIP\Client51\kodip\setu p.exe
Command Line Parameters: /s /v"/qn /L* %computername%_KODIP_Client_5.1_inst.log INSTALLDIR="\\Cluster02-kis-server\KIS\GWI\Orbis\3MHIS\kodip" ALLUSERS=1 ADDLOCAL=ALL"
Working Directory: \\Cluster02-kis-server\KIS\GWI\Orbis\3MHIS\kodip
Run as Dynamic Administrator: Select credential for network access: /Credentials/NDS Admin

NDS Admin is in the Credential Vault defined as: .admin.org with password.

But everything we try to do we get a "Windows Error: Access Denied" and i didn't have any more ideas what the hell i can do do install this ****ed thing.