Can someone just give me clarification about automaticly uninstalling a bundle on unassignement.

Do I get it correct:
Have a bundle that is assigned to users.
I contains of one Network MSI install, and another actions to put some reg-keys afterwards.
I enable Uninstall on Uninstalltab/options.
Allow user to perform uninstall checked.

Once I press OK it enabled the 'Undo Install Actions" action, and in that the network MSI install is stated.

However once I unassign a bundle to a device it doens't uninstall from the PC.

I've had a search around and noticed a setting in "Configuration -> Device Management -> ZENworks Explorer Configuration" which has the options of:
Unassigned Bundles:
Uninstall after 30 days (default)

Does this mean that nothing is going to happen for 30 days when I Unassign?
As it is under configuration, it applies to all bundles in the system?
If so, is there a way to get around this for the one bundle I need to uninstall imediatly?

Or am I doing somthing wrong?

When rightclicking the bundle in Zenexplorer, and Uninstall, it uninstalls correct.

Running 11.1a.