we are in the process of testing the 11.2.1-agent. We were using 11.1
with post-patches for a long time. Two months ago we did an update to
11.2.1 in the backend, but we are still using the old agent(we have an
issue with the logon speed). But now we need this agent and i installed
the agent on a test machine. We are installing ou Win7-x64-clients via
script (sysprep and son on). During the installation process we install
an msp-File (for patching Acrobat up to 10.1.3). We are not using the
msp-Action, we call msiexec with the following parameters:
/p C:\Install\Setups\AcrobatUpd1013.msp /qn /norestart
We do this because this this msp throws out a return Code 3010 although
it's installed correct. This return code means that a restart is
required, but we must avoid this. So we treat this exit code as
successful. Thats why we don't use the msp-action.
Since the 10.2.1-agent this Bundle does not work anymore. It stops at
the Launch Executable-Action when msiexec with the above parameters is
called. It stays there for hours and hours and no entries are made in
the log file. Has anybody seen this issue with the 11.2.1-agent?