Could anyone help with a problem regarding the CPU load of my SLES server with OES addon.

The system in SLES 11 SP1, or OES 11 installed on that and since I have imported +20000 users into the eDriectory database the system appears to be running very slow. Even running a directory (ls -l) listing from a Linux command line as root take 5-10 seconds rather than the normal instantaneous response.

When I run the ls -l command or anything that appears to search the eDirectory database the NDSD CPU load jumps to +100% from montioring with 'top' and I am unsure if it should be doing that or if there is something mis-configured with the system.

Also before the 20000 users were imported connecting to the samba server I am running in the system via iManager took only a second to display the server details and user, where as now it take 1-2 minutes.

If anyone has any advice it would be most appreciated