I have found 2 weird things with the new "August 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance for OES2SP3" patches (oes2sp3-novell-iprint) from NCC (or our local SMT server in our case but that is irrelevant to my comments/question):
1. The patches are being installed on ANY OES2SP3 server, even ones that don't have any iPrint components installed - surely this shouldn't be the case? Well ... upon watching what happened it gets a bit weirder, if you do the install (on a non iPrint OES server) all that seems to be installed is an updated novell-welcomepage-2.3.0-0.17 RPM (Welcome Page for OES) and not iPrint itself - so is a tad misleading.
2. The patches have "Reboot Required: Yes" - why is this the case? Is this just to catch people who don't know to restart the various components themselves?