This is one that has been bugging me for a while, thats an easy enough fix, but strikes intermittently. Anytime one of our xerox MFPs runs out of staples, it reports back to the iPrint server (Both OES2 and OES11) that it has this error. Apparently, either the Xerox or the Server tags the severity as a hold jobs and the que starts backing up - even though the error string specifically states 'Print and Copy Services can continue'.
Yes, filling the staple container is an easy fix for this, but invariably the school has none in stock, does not want to buy any, and its several days before they get some in - in the meantime this error halts the que.
Is there a way to limit what errors iprint halts for, or to override the errors to get jobs going again. Restarting the print agent will get jobs flowing for a few minutes before the xerox reports again and it stops.