Our high school CAD program uses a software package called SolidWorks 2011. WinXP workstations running the ZDM7 agent work fine. When we remove the ZDM agent and install the ZCM11 Adaptive Agent, SolidWorks will not run. If we uninstall the Adaptive Agent, SolidWorks will then run.

SolidWorks only runs on a workstation if it can talk to a local licensing server. Communication on the server is supposed to be on ports 25734 and 25735. I have done port scans of workstations with the ZDM and ZCM agent installed, and neither one seem to use these ports. When I scan the server, port 25734 responds.

I don't believe we have a group policy issue, as we use the same Windows group policies on both ZDM and ZCM (we are transitioning from one to the other).

This sounds to me like some sort of a firewall issue or port conflict, but I cannot seem to figure it out. Ideas? We are getting rather desperate!

Rick P