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    HP Officejet 7500a

    I'm trying to get an HP Officejet 7500a E910 working under iPrint; it has accepted the IP address, installs without issue in iPrint, but I am having driver issues - anything sent to print hangs up, with the printer status showing "error".

    Environment is XP SP3, iPrint client 4.32.00, NDPS/iPrint 4.0.7, OES Netware 6.5.

    During the iPrint installation, I brought up drivers from the HP product CD, using the hpvpl04.inf file; iPrint in turn recognized this as the driver file for the HP Officejet 7500 E910. The printer installs without problem, but all attempts to print fail. I've tried the HP Universal PCL5 and PCL 6 drivers, with the same problem.

    I can connect to the printer via the embedded web server without problem; using HP's network printing software, I can also connect & print. The trouble is in trying to print via iPrint.

    Since this printer is not Novell Certified by HP, I can not expect much (if any) assistance from HP; the last incident I had regarding something similar, I was called "Mr. Customer" for the entire 45 minute call, 15 minutes of which were spent in convincing the tech support rep that iPrint was in no way connected with iPads or iPhones.

    Any help in finding the way to get this working will be greatly appreciated.
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