This weekend I performed an upgrade on my 3 primary servers from

11.1a -> 11.2 -> 11.2.1 -> 11.2.1 MU1

All went well until the very last step, the Monthly Update 1. After
that patch all three servers now have a failed status, "Update Completed
with errors", with the message:

An error occurred when trying to start the
D:\Novell\ZENworks\bin\TSUsage64.exe process: The system cannot find the
file specified. Check the system-update.log on the device for details.

System-update.log looks clean and nice until the very end:

DEBUG;;;Starting process: D:\Novell\ZENworks\bin\TSUsage64.exe Option :
ERROR;ERROR_STARTING_PROCESS;D:\Novell\ZENworks\bi n\TSUsage64.exe,The
system cannot find the file specified;
DEBUG;;;An error occured during command execution...details should have
already been logged

All services are running and things look OK, so I decided not to roll
back my installation. Have seen some other posts about TSUsage, but my
case doesn't seem to fit those.

I mounted a pre-patching backup copy of the VM, and TSUsage64.exe
doesn't exist there either.

Any idea how i can fix this?

Phillip E. Thomas