Hi all.

I have made an image on a HP Z210 workstation, which works absolutely fine when restoring to the other Z210s.

The problem I'm having is trying to pull that same image to a different machine. Now, I understand that static images shouldn't be used on different hardware, but there are enough similarities in the hardware I'm pulling the image to for it to work, and the problems seem to revolve around IMG itself.

The image gets to the end, and then comes up with one of two error messages. Either:
"Cannot create linux file"
"Unable to change the SID of the machine. Image again or disable the SIDChanger"

This is the only image I've had this problem with, and cannot seem to find a solution anywhere.

Setup is:
ZCM 11.2.1 MU1 with associated Imaging Update on imaging servers.
ENGL (though I don't see how this will be affecting it)

Adding the SIDChanger disable mask is not really an option due to not having Image Explorer on the imaging servers, and the image being about 30Gb in size