I have a VIbe system that grew from Teaming 2.0 to 2.1 then to VIbe 3.2 then to Vibe 3.3.
I backup my FIle repository, Indexserver files and mysql DB via files and I do a mysql dump for full DB and sitescape DB in sql file.

I have 3 servers (App server, Index Server, Mysql DB server). I am trying to restore so I can export a workspace. I have built one sles box, copied File repsoitry, Index server, and recovered sitesscape DB in mysql, created sitesscpae DB and ran mysql -u -p sitescape > sirescapedb.sql.

I then installed VIbe 3.3 with xml file and pointed to all the data i restored. Now I run VIbe and get logon screen. however , I cannot login as Admin as default password from install or from password from backed up VIbe. I can login as my own account (cause acounts are created in LDAP but for this recovery I dont need that).

So what am i missing to login as Admin??