Hello: I have a question regarding deleting files from an NSS volume when logged onto the server as root.
A little background. Way back when we set up our GroupWise server, we placed the GW data on an NSS volume. This was a mistake, but we have not really had any issues so we live with it.

I do need to resolve something. When I delete a file from the NSS volume when logged on as root at the server console, the file gets moved to ../NSS/.Trash-root. I then have to go in and delete the files manually from this directory to really get rid of them and free up space. This is not that big a deal except that I have some scripts that backup GroupWise, from which many GB of old backup data (from previous backup jobs) is deleted each run. This accumulates in .Trash-root until the partition is full unless I intervene.

My question is simple: How can I delete files as root and prevent them from moving to the .Trash-root directory??

Thanks, Chris.