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Thread: Send message to Groups in Novell Client not working

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    Send message to Groups in Novell Client not working


    it is not possible to send messages to Groups in the Novell Client, because the Users are not found. I followed TID 7008483 and set up the bindery-context in our Linux (OES2) and Netware-Servers (NW6.5) (eDir 8.8 SP6) to all OUs/Contexts where Users reside, but it has no effect.

    What I did so far:

    In the Netware-Servers: Typed in console:
    SET BINDERY CONTEXT = department1.site.company;department2.site.company; site.company;.company

    Typing "set bindery context" gives back:
    Bindery context: department1.site.company; department2.site.company; site.company; .company

    In the Linux-Servers, I stopped ndsd and typed in /etc/opt/novell/edirectory/conf/nds.conf:
    n4u.nds.bindery-context=ou=department1,ou=site,o=company;ou=depart ment2,ou=site,o=company;ou=site,o=company;o=compan y
    I tried also:
    n4u.nds.bindery-context=ou=department1.ou=site.o=company;ou=depart ment2.ou=site.o=company;ou=site.o=company;o=compan y
    n4u.nds.bindery-context=department1.site.company;department2.site. company;site.company;company
    Then I restarted ndsd

    But only Users in the server-context (site.company) and above (company) are found.

    I would appreciate any hints.
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