We have a weird issue with a bunch of Windows XP SP3 devices. Novell client 4.91SP5, ZFD7 installed.

iPrint doesn't load at boot, can't print. Run the nipp-u.exe to uninstall iPrint. Run nipp.exe to reinstall (latest v5.82). The install says installed correctly. I reboot the device.
However, http://<iprint>/ipp still tells me the iPrint client isn't installed. Looking around, iprntlgn.exe is running in the processes. There are no other iprnt*.exe files in C:\Windows\system32\ (eg iprntctl.exe, iprntcmd.exe) and the c:\windows\system32\iprint folder has nothing inside it.

If I build a clean XP VM, I can install the client, ZFD, and iPrint client, so it must be something broken in the Windows XP devices. Trouble is, i can't see any errors or traces during installation.

Is there a surefire way to remove all traces of iPrint, or does nipp-u.exe do it?

I'm at a loss, wasted 2 days on this and it's starting to get to me!

Anyone have any insights they'd like to share?